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Delhi Investors Association (DIA) is an independent, not-for-profit entity with the aim of helping investors become effective managers of their assets through education, information and research programs. DIA is the largest organized investor groups in India.

We are a not for profit organization established in 2016. We operate with integrity and are not aligned with any institution. That allows us to convey the best possible information to our members. Our conferences and masterclass are well known and are highly regarded for the calibre of presentations and the opportunity to network with members of investment community.


Our groups, masterclasses, investor conferences, investment presentations, DIA investor updates and websites provide members with the opportunity to connect and learn from experts and each other's experiences.

  • We empower Investors through education and timely information.

  • We provide a platform for investors to meet other investors.

  • We strive to help our members make the best and most informed investment choices.

  • Advancing the interests of Investment Community

  • Promoting public understanding of investment funds

  • Introducing new investors to Capital Markets, Debt Markets and Mutual Funds

  • Provide thought leadership and advocacy by guiding the investor community.

  • Assisting in investor grievance reporting.

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