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Your membership will support the work of Delhi Investors Association.

Members receive substantial discounts on paid events like webinars, masterclass, conferences and other educational opportunities


As a DIA member, you’ll gain access to the largest network of investors in Northern region of India, meet and network with industry practitioners, and keep  fully informed on developments in the markets.

We Invest Early
We believe in early but quality investments that yield good growth opportunities.
Local Events
Information meetings, seminars, workshops and discussion groups where you can obtain support from and network with like-minded investors and experts.
Quality Education
Specialized courses provided face-to-face or online, allowing you to obtain high quality education at quite a modest cost.
Members receive a soft copy of our quarterly magazine which contains quality articles written by Investors from across the country
Investors Magazine
Our members have access to an independent Research reports that has been prepared by DIA members.
Stay Informed
Annual Conference
Our renowned annual conference provides you with plenary, break-out sessions and educational materials from leading experts from around the country.
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